Town of Kirkwood

Kelley Diffendorf
Town Clerk
70 Crescent Drive
Kirkwood, NY 13795
(607) 775-1966

Reservations are required for use of park pavilions by all groups.  An applicant must obtain a permit from the Town Clerk at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event if one pavilion is being reserved and by February 28th of the calendar year in which two pavilions at the Kirkwood Veterans River Park are to be reserved.  Two pavilions at Veterans River Park can only be reserved for the same time for groups in excess of 100 people. 

To obtain a permit, an applicant should call the Town Clerk’s Office to check on availability.  Once an available date has been established and the Town Clerk has taken the applicant’s name, the applicant should apply in person at the Town Clerk’s office and pay the required deposit.  If an application is made by mail, the following information is required: Name of applicant, address and phone number, park and pavilion number, date requested and a check made payable to Kirkwood Town Clerk for the amount of the permit fee.  The permit will be returned by mail.  Permit fees shall be as follows:

Group Size

Permit Fee

1-100 $50.00
100-200 $250.00

If renting 2 pavilions at the same time the total cost is $250.

Note:  FUTURE PERMITS WILL BE DENIED if pavilions are not left in good condition with no litter or damage.  Picnic tables must be returned to the pavilion(s) before leaving the park.

With each permit issued, the applicant will receive a listing of activities prohibited in the park which include:

a. Parking a motor vehicle in other than designated locations.

b. Operating a motor vehicle in excess of five (5) miles per hour or in any manner contrary to posted regulations.

c. Operating a motor vehicle on other than the designated roads.

d. Operating or parking a snowmobile.

e. Horseback riding on other than the designated roads.

f. Allowing dogs to run unleashed.  Leashes shall be no longer than 16 feet.

g. Sports in other than locations designated by the Town Board or its authorized representative of the Town of Kirkwood.

h. Entering or using the parks during other than the designated hours posted by the Town Board of the Town of Kirkwood.

i. Refusing to comply with the time-sharing plan posted by the Town Board or its authorized representative of the Town of Kirkwood for the use of any recreational facility.

j. Operating or parking a motorcycle, mini-bike or other form of recreational motor vehicle except on designated roads.

k. Over-night parking of motor vehicles.

l. Sale of alcoholic beverages as defined in Alcoholic Beverage Control Law in any town parks, except that incident to the Kirkwood Fair Committee obtaining a permit to conduct a town fair at Kirkwood River Park, approval may be granted by resolution of the Kirkwood Board to a Not-for-Profit Corporation located in the Town of Kirkwood applying to sell beer in a specifically confined area therein, subject to all rules and regulations of the New York State Liquor Authority, when such application is received by April 1st of each year and is recommended for approval by the Kirkwood Fair Committee. 

m. The use of any alcoholic beverage other than beer and/or wine in any town parks.

n. The use of beer and/or wine by private picnickers other than in the picnic and pavilion areas of the park.

o. The use of or being under the influence of any illegal drug or substance in any town park.

p. Possess or use firearms, bow and arrow or other dangerous weapons with the park, unless authorized by law or the Town Board.

q. Disturb the peace and good order in the parks by fighting or arguing in loud voices or threaten violence to any person or the property of others.

r. Beg, hawk, peddle or solicit within the parks except as authorized by the Town Board.

s. Use profane or abusive language while in the parks.

t. Injure, deface, destroy, disturb, or remove any part of the parks.

u. Loiter in or near park restroom buildings.

v. Litter or leave behind refuse and garbage except in receptacles provided for such purpose.

w. Start a fire in a park except in park grills, fireplaces or designated areas.

x. Fail to extinguish before leaving the park all fires started or used. The dumping of ashes or fire onto the ground is absolutely prohibited.

y. Golf practice except in designated areas.

z. Making noise of a type and volume that a reasonable person would not tolerate under the circumstance, which noise causes public annoyance.

aa. Use of parking in handicapped viewing area by any person who is not an individual(s) with a disability. 

bb.       Use of facilities, including pavilions, for political activities, except for the following

            1.  During the Town Fair candidates for political office may interface (ie, converse, shake hands, etc) with attendees.  However, the use of microphones, megaphones, vehicles or renting of booths from the Fair Committee will not be permitted.

            2.  During the Town Fair political parties may rent a booth from the Fair Committee and sell food, non-alcoholic beverages or products and distribute voter registration materials.  However, display or distribution of campaign literature will not be permitted.

            3.  Candidates for political office may conduct one “Meet Your Candidate” event lasting not more than two (2) hours at the Kirkwood Valley Park during a year in which they are standing for election at a time when such event will not conflict with any other activity being conducted at that park.  However, solicitation of contributions or donations towards that election campaign is prohibited.

cc.        Use of park facilities, including pavilions, for fund raising purposes, except for private charitable groups or disaster related groups who have obtained from the Kirkwood Town Board a revocable license for a time when such use at Kirkwood Valley Park, Veterans River Park, and Grange Hall Park will not unreasonably interfere with the use of such facilities by the general public.  Such charitable group shall obtain a reservation for the use of park pavilion(s) at Kirkwood Valley Park, Veterans River Park, and Grange Hall Park pursuant to Section 3A of this Local Law.  For the purposes of this section the words “private charitable groups” shall include religious, cemetery, fire company, war veteran, fraternal, or not-for-profit educational or social organizations, and the words “disaster related groups” shall include groups formed for the purpose of assisting victims of fire, flood, injury, death or other hardship by reason of a isolated circumstance or event.

Points of Particular Attention for Park Pavilion Rentals

1.  Vehicles must be parked in Parking Areas – not at the pavilions.

2.  Vehicles may be driven to the pavilions to unload and pickup items.

3.  Vehicles may be driven to the pavilions to let out and pickup persons with disabilities.

4.  Sound Systems and Bands, while allowed, must be kept at a volume that will not disturb other park users or surrounding neighborhoods.

5.  Park Facilities are limited, pavilion users are asked to be sure the number of attendees does not exceed the number granted by the permit.

6.  Containers are provided for rubbish, it is important the pavilion area is cleaned before you leave.

7.  There is No Smoking on any Town Property

8.  Bounce Houses and Slip and Slides are prohibited.

Town of Kirkwood parks are normally open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM