Supervisor's Office

Town of Kirkwood Supervisor’s Office
70 Crescent Drive
Kirkwood, NY 13795
Phone: 607-775-1370
Fax: 607-775-1372

Lew Grubham, Supervisor

The Supervisor in the Town of Kirkwood has many responsibilities and duties.  The Supervisor is the treasurer of the town, responsible for presenting an annual budget to the Town Board and the taxpayers within the town.  He chairs all the Town Board public meetings and is considered the leader of the town; responsible for coordinating all town functions such as highway, public works, parks, budgeting, etc., while not directly involved in the management of highway, public works, and parks.

The Town Supervisor is the liaison with other towns, communities, the county, and the state for Kirkwood.

The Supervisor creates committees and assigns Town Board members to chair and participate on these committees.  As Supervisor he is a consulting member of each of these committees.

The Supervisor serves a term of office of four (4) years.